The 15th Plant Parade of the Latvian Centenary

We invite all of you to welcome the Independence Celebration of Latvia at the 15th Plant Parade of Latvia, which will take place from 4 to 5 May in the Sigulda Festival Square from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.

The Plant Parade is exhibition and fair of plants grown in Latvia, which opens the active gardening season. Only plant growers from Latvia take part in the Plant Parade, promoting and emphasizing the national plant growing sector and honouring the people working in this field. 

The event gathers plant growers from all regions of Latvia, offering the widest range of plants – summer flowers, fruit trees and berry bushes, ornamental trees and shrubs as well as perennial flowers and other plants. Along with plants grown in Latvia visitors will be able to view and purchase crafts and garden items and equipment, as well as enjoy Latvian delicacies for every taste.

During recent years the Latvian Plant Parade has reached the status of international event, because the variety and quality of production offered by the Latvian plant growers attracts a significant number of guests from Scandinavian countries – Finland and Sweden –, as well as from Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and the Russian Federation. Therefore we are proud to say – it is the most visited event of the field, gathering about 70,000 people during two days.

This year the event subject and source of inspiration for visitors are two anniversaries – the fifteenth Plant Parade and the centenary of Latvia. Thus the mood of the Plant Parade will be created by two wonderful exhibitions – the 100 most popular plants of Latvia, including all groups of plants, and the project-exhibition “100 Gardeners throughout 100 Years” in cooperation with the students and teachers of the Bulduri Secondary School of Gardening.

The traditional plant auction will take place during the event, the proceeds of which will be donated to charity. Various workshops will also take place. Displays of new gardeners will take place, and competitions will be organised for visitors, in which it will be possible to win valuable and tasty prizes.

The 15 th  Latvian Plant Parade will offer:

  • plants grown in Latvia;
  • flag raising of the Republic of Latvia and the Latvian Plant Parade in the opening event;
  • plant auction;
  • plant cloakroom;
  • crafts and home-made goods fair, gardening items and equipment;
  • virtual map and participant search;
  • exhibition stands created by plant growers;
  • exhibition of the 100 most popular plants of Latvia;
  • exhibition “100 Gardeners of Latvia throughout 100 years” in cooperation with Bulduri Secondary School of Gardening;
  • photos of festive designs (Kastekust);
  • Latvian workshops for children and adults;
  • Kalsnava Arboretum will delight children and adults with various attractive and educational games,
  • visitors to Sigulda will be able to enjoy the toboggan track ride, the cable car ride, children’s car rides for the little visitors and the panoramic wheel (paid events).